Customer Satisfaction Agreement

We know that creating film and video content can seem daunting. Over the years, we’ve identified some of the main concerns people have and we created our Customer Satisfaction Agreement to address them. It sets out exactly what we do to make sure your experience is enjoyable and results in success.

How do I know it will work?

Our approach is guided by data, not egos

You don’t want to pay a bunch of flashy creatives loads of money to disappear and come back months later with something that doesn’t work. We get it. Our whole approach—the medium, platform, and type of story—is based on rigorous analysis of your audience. We identify the people who are most likely respond, create messages that resonate with them, and publish in the right places. Then we monitor and tweak as necessary to boost the campaign’s performance.

How do I know I’ll like it?

You’re completely involved in the creative process

You’re involved in the process at every step so you can see how the idea is developing.

If you’re experienced at commissioning content, great. If you’re not, we walk you through the whole process.

From the first chat to the launch date, there are multiple stages at which you can review and give feedback. Treatments, storyboards, scripts – by the time we start shooting you have a very good idea how the finished product is going to look. There are no surprises.

How do I know you don’t work with arms dealers and oil companies?

Our values are aligned with yours.

We only work with organisations that have a positive social or environmental impact. We actively turn down projects that are not a good fit. We have our B Corp certification, which means we’re serious about behaving responsibly and putting our values into action. We believe targeted storytelling has the power to change the world for the better. We’re here to help you do just that.

What about my contributors?

We go out of our way to respect your relationships

Throughout the creative process, we make the wellbeing of your contributors a priority.
We understand you’ll be working with and for these people after we’re gone. We want them to feel valued and looked after. We know when enough is enough and we never prioritise getting the shot over someone’s wishes or feelings.

We have had nothing but success since working with Megaphone. Unbelievably, their footage earned us a viral BBC video that has gained more than 64 million views. They produce the highest and most incredible quality of professional yet intimate work. It’s 5 stars from us and I look forward to welcoming them back on future projects.

Ash Perrin, Founder, The Flying Seagull Project