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We make film and video content for purpose-driven organisations that want to change the world for the better. Beautiful stuff, targeted using data, with powerful storytelling you can’t shake off.

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With thousands of causes shouting for attention, it’s hard to get noticed. We understand how frustrating that is. We make great content, but we also make sure it reaches the people who matter. So, you can be confident your work is going to make a difference.

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The Digital Content Success Plan for purpose-driven organisations

Four steps to maximum views

There’s no point making a stunning film if no one watches it. With our Digital Success Plan, we help you reach as many of the right people as possible.

1. Know your audience

What do they care about and how do they watch content? By analysing your audience’s behaviour, we identify the most effective way to tell your story. This strategy leads to content that’s emotionally engaging and highly motivating.

2. Choose a clear call to action

What do you want your audience to do next? Visit a website, perhaps, sign a petition, donate money, or share content. Having clear calls to action means your audience is more likely to act, and makes it easier to measure campaign success.

3. Create a distribution plan

Together, we choose the right platforms and optimise your content to ensure the highest rates of engagement. Then we explore promotional options, such as organic and paid social, plus partnerships with organisations and influencers, to create the ideal reach-boosting mix.

4. Measure and adapt

After publication, we use analytics tools to track what’s working and what’s not. We tweak the creative or calls to action to maximise impressions, likes, and click-through traffic. Finally, we share everything we’ve learned to inform your future campaigns.


What we can do together

We help world-changing organisations get noticed so they can do more.
Some of the numbers are incredible.

Flying Seagulls

Refugee crisis campaign

65 million views on Facebook

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Climate Vulnerable Forum

COP26 campaign

5 million impressions on TikTok

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Hard-hitting and innovative campaign films

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Caroline Morrow, Head of Marketing, Cure Parkinson’s

We asked Megaphone Creative to create a short film to communicate the work of Cure Parkinson’s. Megaphone were fantastic to work with – not only did they produce a beautiful film, they also showed sensitivity and empathy when working with the participants of the film.  The film has been incredibly helpful to us as a fundraising tool.

John Hibbert, Head of Partnership Management, Shelter

We’ve worked with Megaphone Creative on some high-profile work with our partners. Shelter and our partners are delighted with the results, which really brought to life the incredible work we are doing to tackle bad housing and homelessness, telling the human stories behind the issues in a beautiful, engaging way.

Ash Perrin, Founder, The Flying Seagull Project

We have had nothing but success since working with Megaphone. Unbelievably, their footage earned us a viral BBC video that has gained more than 64 million views. They produce the highest and most incredible quality of professional yet intimate work. It’s 5 stars from us and I look forward to welcoming them back on future projects.