THE FLYING SEAGULL PROJECT viral video made by BBC 3 Amazing Humans, which resulted in over 65 million views.

Fundraising Awareness & Viral Video


About the Charity

From 2016 to 2017 Megaphone Creative worked with The Flying Seagull Project, a UK charity made up of experienced clowns who were responding to the refugee crisis that hit Europe in 2015. The Seagulls have a history of working with children living in deprivation worldwide since 2007.

About the Project

Using film and photography Megaphone was responsible for the creation of various fundraising and awareness campaigns to promote the work of the Seagulls.

Our Campaign Results

Our work helped the Seagulls raise tens of thousands of pounds and contributed to a viral video made by BBC 3 Amazing Humans, which resulted in over 65 million views. 

These images were used for fundraising galas and exhibitions and were also published in Lunch Lady magazine


The positive impact of bringing play to traumatised children cannot be overstated.

Not only do the long-term efforts of these clowns prove this notion but science can back it up. Things like physical health, cognitive development, emotional resilience, social harmony, community ties, and reducing anti-social behaviour are all factors that have been acknowledged as a result of play.

We have had nothing but success since working with Megaphone. Unbelievably, their footage earned us a viral BBC video that has gained more than 64 million views. They produce the highest and most incredible quality of professional yet intimate work. It’s 5 stars from us and I look forward to welcoming them back on future projects.

Ash Perrin, Founder, The Flying Seagull Project